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NEWS: GROVES NEW SINGLE ‘Able In A Hazelnut Shell’

©2015 Francesca Nottola


Manchester band Groves, whose growing popularity led to them being invited to perform at the prestigious Monkey Week festival in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz and at A Carefully Planned Festival, Fragment Festival and Sounds From The Other City, some of the most important showcasing events for the best in British independent bands, will be releasing their new single ‘Able In A Hazelnut Shell’ on November 23rd, you can listen to the new single here. A radical diversion from Manchester’s illustrious musical legacy, Groves have been inspired by Fugazi’s DIY ethic and the sounds of Shellac, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Nirvana, Jesus Lizard and Cable. Proudly independent and self-released, Groves have developed an art of making everything they do with passion and creativity. Surrounded by and collaborating with a thriving community of equally independent artists who contribute with the design of their promotional materials and merchandising, Groves are rapidly developing a cult following through their extraordinary live performances which mix theatrical stunts, ironic pagan rituals and explosive music. They have toured extensively all over the UK and have recently come back from a very successful tour of Spain. Artists for art’s sake, the three-piece band of Anglo-Italian brothers Luca and Mattia Corda and Richard Clarke, despite their ambition, are determined to follow their own goals, free from mainstream concerns and trends, with their main drive being enjoying their creative journey and sharing it with their devoted fans. A pleasantly unusual trio in noise punk rock, Groves take the concept of hippie to the next level, focusing in the present and on human relationships with refreshing spontaneity. Asked what the core of their message to the audience was, Groves explained: ‘Go with the flow. Release your inner child. Be yourselves and enjoy every moment.’ To support the new single, Groves are touring with Leeds band Pink Rick, with whom they share their 7’’. Pink Rick’s track is called ‘Dry Dry Dry’. The tour schedule includes the following dates:

24.11 // JT Soar // Nottingham //

26.11 // Fulford Arms // York // Tickets:

27.11 // CHUNK // Leeds //

28.11 // Castle Hotel // Manchester //

Despite having formed only three years ago and having already released two albums, Tape (2013) and Give It Some Thrape (2015), the latest of which no more than seven months ago, Groves are already working on a new album which, according to this interview for Silent Radio, will be a break from their previous releases. Their music, videos and pyrotechnic performances have received attention from Time Out, Manchester Evening News, The Skinny, Yeah Buddy and are unanimously considered one of the most interesting and entertaining live acts of 2015.

For more information on Groves check:

And Pink Rick:

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